A Modular Approach to Courts Technology

Taking Court Rooms and Court Cases into the Digital Age

Understanding the challenges of the legal system

We Take Courts Paperless

Your Process + Our Case Management System = A Paperless Court.

eFiling and eLodgement

Case initiation and document filing directly into an electronic court file.

Realtime Payments

Integrates with leading payment gateways to process credit card and EFT in realtime.

Hosted Collaboration Portal

Facilitates collabration prior to the courtroom by providing all parties with access to the ECF.

Configured to Meet Your Existing Process

We offer modules to achieve results. Every module is 100% configurable to meet your existing Court process. You don’t need to change to implement our system we configure it to meet your needs.

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About Elex Ratio

ELEX RATIO is a specialist professional services organisation offering consulting and systems integration services to Courts around the world.
Leveraging the expertise of our staff and partners, all of whom are experts in both law and technology, we are positioned strongly to drive the necessary change to take Court Rooms and Court Cases into the digital age.

We understand the iterative nature of Court Technology and whether you are at the stage of looking for a new electronic filing solution, maximising the value out of your legacy systems or looking to replace a full end to end solution we would be delighted to help.