Statement of Commitment

ELEX RATIO has been founded upon principals of ethical behaviour including social contribution and respecting human rights. In building a CSR policy for a business that drives Courts to a technology platform it is expected that we have a renewable and green focus. In addition we strive to better our local communities through encouraging volunteer work and Military service.

Volunteer Work

All staff are encouraged to participate in local events and to volunteer to assist organisations where they can. Our staff have worked with the Red Cross, Legacy and supported multiple charities both in a financial and hands on manner.


We are committed to a sustainable future. In addition to our paperless products that reduce our impact on the environment we ensure that we always recommend the technological solutions that (a) offer a positive carbon footprint; and (b) come from suppliers that maintain a social conscience in line with our own.

Supportive Employer Defence Reservists

We recognise the personal sacrifice and commitment involved in the extremely challenging and critical role played by Reservists in the Australian Defence Force. We appreciate the extra skills, experience and maturity that service in the Reserve provides Reservists and seek to support such service with all employees. Accordingly, we endorse the following statement,

“Thousands of Reservists, who are members of the Navy, Army and Air Force, have served in Australia and overseas in recent years.
When called upon, these men and women serve alongside their colleagues in the Permanent Forces with courage and dedication, and often at considerable personal sacrifice.
We admire their commitment and are determined to support all employees in the Reserve.”