The Langdel Reading Room at Harvard Law school boasts the quotation,

“Lex Est Summa Ratio Insita in Natura.”

Law is the highest reason implanted in nature (Ref: Cicero, De Legibus, Book 1, VI, 18).

ELEX RATIO was born out of the frustration faced by the legal ecosystem. While law may be the ultimate reason it does not have the ultimate systems (Ratio in Latin) to facilitate an effective dispute resolution process.

It is the goal of ELEX RATIO to power the ultimate reason by building services that provide all members of the legal ecosystem with a current day system to support their activities.

In approaching this problem, while our solutions are tailored predominantly for the Courts, we were conscious to build our System taking into account all members of the legal ecosystem. Accordingly, we offer a solution that not only simplifies the Court Process and considers judicial use and requirements, but we do so in a way that improves operational productivity and offers the legal profession easy access through e-filing and e-courts/document management.