Court Technology offers a unique challenge. At the centre of the challenge is the need for a system that simplifies the court process for Judges and litigants.

The Courts, however, do not operate in isolation and need to take into account not only the administrative and operational staff that operate a Court but also other members of the legal profession and in criminal jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies.

This complex ecosystem makes it challenging to have a one size fits all solution.

At ELEX RATIO we do not believe an off the shelf solution can solve the needs of all parties and as such we take a modular approach to Courts Technology. We use best of breed solutions for individual pieces/modules that need to be solved. For example, where document management is required, we recommend configuring Microsoft Sharepoint to offer a court specific solution that meets the individual court’s need.

Our staff are all experts in both law and technology with most holding law degrees at a post graduate level and many years of technology consulting experience. If you work with us you are working with someone that understands the challenges of the legal profession and how to bend technology to simplify these challenges.